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internet marketingAt Green Corfu Services we offer a wide range of consulting and marketing services to our customers.

Our main field of work is web marketing. What we mean by web marketing is the whole spectrum of services that can help you make money from the Web, starting with the creation of a website,  copywriting and translations, SEOlink-building, active web marketing, social media marketing and a number of other methods to increase traffic to and revenue from your website.

We can do web marketing for any kind of company or product, but as local Corfiots we have a long relationship with tourism. We have been active in the field of tourism since our childhood and are familiar with all aspects of the business. Our parent website, Green Corfu, is promoting alternative tourism and trying to convey a new image for Corfu based on its natural beauty and living history.

Another related area of specialization is software development for the web. We have a custom, very simple and cheap online booking system for hotels and apartments called EasyBook, we can create e-shops of every kind and have tools to aid SEO and web marketing.

After years of experience in web marketing in small companies, we have realised that web marketing has to be connected to the company’s offline marketing. We understand the marketing process thoroughly and can help you, through our consulting services, to plan and implement any marketing campagn, however big or small. Through our network of professionals we can provide you with solutions in the fields of graphic and logo design, print design, photography and video, translations and more.

Next to marketing, we also have many years of experience with the creation and implementation of business plans and investment plans. Again, our local experience and network is at your disposal for any question or issue regarding your business plans on Corfu.

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